Are you looking to buy a fridge freezer under budget? Well, here is a list of top ten fridge freezers under £500. These are some of the top-rated fridge freezers that would give you all the best features in budget!

A fridge freezer is a unit comprising a refrigerator and a freezer, each self-contained, designed to keep your food fresh. It is mostly used as a kitchen appliance, but a lot of factories use it as a refrigerator too.

The difference between a fridge and a freezer is that a fridge’s temperature is set between 35- and 40-degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Food and Drug Administration, but a Freezer is kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit to keep food at a safe temperature, especially the rawest form of food and for ice cubes. The heat pump in the refrigerator transfers heat from its inside to its external environment so that the inner is cooled to a temperature below the room temperature.

Best Fridge Freezer Reviews

Fridge Freezers are revolutionary and offer a tall design for unlimited storage in a single appliance. They are efficient and save a lot of space. The market is flooded with a wide range of products and styles to accommodate all households and kitchens. These make living healthy and storing food an effortless job.

The amount and type of food you buy can determine what fridge space is best suited for you. Fridge Freezers with a fixed fridge on top are lovely if you tend to use more fresh food. This setting makes it easy to access

If you use more frozen food due to lack of time or for convenience needs, then a fridge freezer with a freezer on top would be the best choice.

Refrigerators are of various styles starting from the compressional refrigerator, residential refrigerator to commercial refrigerator. A large domestic refrigerator is as tall as a person with a 1m width and 600 L capacity. The smallest ones are Peltier-type fridge used to chill beverages and a minimal amount of food. Hydrofluorocarbon is the reason for the depletion of the ozone layer. Nowadays, HFC has been replaced by LPG that is environmentally friendly; it is used in most of the fridge and air conditioners.

Due to the large scale production of the refrigerator and high demands as a daily necessity, the refrigerator is quite affordable now, and it is no longer considered a Luxury.

So refer to the best ten handpicked products and if you want check out our buyer’s guide to understand the product even better. If there are any questions at the tip of your tongue, make sure you check out our frequently asked question section, or you can always drop a comment and we are ready to help!

Top 10 Recommended Fridge Freezer Under £500

1. Fridgemaster MC50165 165 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer.

It is an affordable fridge freezer that holds a storage capacity for a family. This freezer has a 4-star rating. This is a small fridge with a minimal noise level, perfect for a small family. It fits into a limited area. The designs are quite viable, and it gives one hundred percent value for money.

Key Features

  • Dimension: 143cm × 49.5cm × 56.2cm
  • It has an auto defrost in the fridge compartment.
  • It has interior lights and a manual thermostat.
  • 3 fridge balconies, three glass shelves out of which two are adjustable.
  • It has egg trays and Ice cube molds.
  • It comes with bottle storage on the door with a minimum of 4 bottles in a row.
  • Minimum noise level: 39dB
  • 165L storage capacity, 122L capacity in the middle, and 43 L Freezer capacity.
  • It consumes less energy compared to its size and rating.
  • The defrost system is Frost Free.
  • The size is perfect for a small household
  • The outside of the fridge gives a matte finishing that goes well with your home.
  • The noise level is minimal, so it doesn’t cause a huge commotion.
  • Energy Efficiency is A+
  • Reversible doors.
  • Value for money.
  • The quality of the plastic fitting may not be durable.
  • It can only be satisfactory for the small family.
  • The door wouldn’t shut because of a manufacturing fault.
  • The drawers of the fridge are a bit stiff.

2. Fridgemaster MC55264AS 264 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer

It is a 70\30 fridge freezer with 264 liters, meaning that it is sufficient for an ordinarily large family. It can hold up to 12 full bags of shopping and store freshly cut vegetables and fruits in the salad drawer. The layout of the fridge is sturdy and spacious at the right temperature.

Key Features

  • The type of fridge freezer is freestanding.
  • Dimension is 550 mm × 1800 mm × 558 mm with a net weight of 53 KG.
  • The shelf materials are of tempered glass.
  • It has egg trays and water bottle storage.
  • It has three shelves and four-door pockets.
  • minimus noise level
  • It is not frost-free
  • Available in 2 colors
  • The doors are reversible, the handles have a gopleasingatte finishing finish.
  • It is quite spacious for a four-member family.
  • Freezing capacity is 3 kg
  • It has a tempered glass that can’t be broken easily.
  • The compressor is silent.
  • Value for money
  • Energy efficient is A+, so it consumes only 204 kWh of energy per year.
  • It has only one vegetable drawer, so it is quite problematic for those who like to eat more fruits and veggies. It could have been split into 2.
  • During the operation, it might make a bit of noise.
  • It is not frost-free, so that might cause a problem.

3. Beko CFG3582S 50/50 Freestanding Frost Free Fridge Freezer

It is a combination of the fridge freezer; you can store an equal amount of frozen food in the fridge and the freezer. It also has a wine rack made of chrome wire that allows you to keep beverages like soft drinks and wines or alcohol. You don’t have to defrost this one manually; the ice build-up is restricted due to its efficient tech.

270 Litre 50/50 Freestanding Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver
143 Reviews
270 Litre 50/50 Freestanding Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver
  • UK Mainland Delivery Only **
  • Annual energy: 298 kWh
  • Anti-Bacterial: Y

Key features

  • Dimension of the fridge is H1824 x W540 x D575
  • It has LED lights in the interior.
  • 263L space, 168L in the refrigerator and 95L in freezer
  • It has 50\ 50 splits so you can quickly locate the fridge freezer where you want.
  • It has adjustable glass shelves
  • 4 shelves, one fruit and vegetable drawer, and a rest freezer drawer.
  • It has low energy consumption.
  • Comes with adjustable shelves
  • Energy efficiency is A+, saves electricity
  • It has a freezer guard that assures that food can be located at any given temperature.
  • Reversible doors with no hinges
  • Frost-free freezer you don’t have to worry about ice stack
  • It is a complete value for the money
  • It will require quite a space for the refrigerator to be kept.
  • It is infused with modern technology, so maybe it will be difficult to understand in the first place.

4. Fridgemaster MC55264AB 264 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer

It is a freestanding fridge freezer; it has an excellent storing capacity. It is available in 2 colors, black and white. It has the ability of 15 hours of safe power storage. You can stock your favorite foods and shopping bags in the 70\30 fridge freezer. There is an option to store your salad in the drawers too. This will ensure you have crisp salad and veggies at your home.

Key Features

  • Dimensions (mm): H1800 x W554 x D558
  • 264L space, 198L in the fridge, and 66L in the freezer.
  • It has 70\30 split with a reversible door.
  • It has a flame retardant metal black as material.
  • Manual defrosting
  • It has a good look with a captivating finishing
  • Split doors so you can locate it wherever you want.
  • Hinge free doors with the minimum noise level
  • Its energy efficiency is A+
  • It only consumes 248 kWH\ years, so your utility bills won’t be affected
  • led lights in the interior; they are better than the standard bulbs.
  • Value for money
  • It will require adequate space for keeping the fridge
  • After a few months, the freezer fails in freezing; this can be a sporadic problem.

5. Candy CSC1365 State Freestanding Fridge Freezer

It is a freestanding fridge freezer with a net 111L capacity and 62L freezer capacity. It is a complete package that comes with an anti-spill glass shelf and flexible storage doors. It has a transparent visible glass that gives a good view of the food that is stored.

Candy CSC1365BE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer, 173L Total Capacity, 55cm wide, Black
126 Reviews
Candy CSC1365BE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer, 173L Total Capacity, 55cm wide, Black
  • 111 Litre net fridge capacity
  • Large Salad Crisper - Keeps your favourite fruit and veg organised and, because it's sealed from the...
  • 3 Transparent Freezer Drawers - The freezer section comes complete with 5 transparent drawers giving...

Key Features

  • Dimensions (cm) – H136xW58xD55
  • 111L net capacity of the fridge and 62L freezer.
  • The glass shelves are trimmed and don’t break often.
  • It has a large salad drawer that keeps it separated from the rest of the food.
  • The freezer section has five transparent drawers
  • It had ice cube drawers and egg trays.
  • it weighs around 46 kg without any food stored.
  • Value for money
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Energy efficiency A+ that means it will not consume much of your utility bills.
  • 2 flexible and adjustable shelves with transparency
  • LED lighting consumes 15 times less electricity than a standard bulb
  • Perfect size to be kept in the kitchen
  • Defrost manually
  • To turn the door around for opening, you will have to use blades.

6. Fridgemaster MTM48120 120 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer

It is ideal for smaller households as it can only hold 5-6 bags of food. It has a 120L capacity with an 80\20 fridge freezer split: a handy salad crisper and an occasional manual defrosting. The fridge section comes with three shelves and non- breakable glasses.

Fridgemaster MTM48120 120 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer 80/20 Split A+ Energy Rating 50cm Wide - White
164 Reviews

Key features

  • Dimensions: (H)118cm x (W)48.1cm x (D)51 cm
  • 120L capacity of storing
  • 80\20 fridge freezer split
  • Auto defrost available
  • There is no ice and water dispenser
  • Flame-retardant metal plating
  • 91L fridge capacity and 29L freezer capacity
  • Satisfactory for a smaller family doesn’t use a lot of space.
  • Good freezer compartments
  • Easily movable because of lightweight
  • Low noise and A+ energy sufficiency
  • Value for money
  • No reversible doors
  • Minimal, even the interiors
  • Freezer could have been below the fridge
  • The design lacks luster

7. Cookology UCF 87 47cm Freestanding Under Counter Fridge Freezer

It is a double door fridge with adjustable feet and manual defrost. It has 61L capacity in the fridge and 26L icebox that is the freezer. It would fit perfectly in your kitchen. The doors are reversible, so no matter your kitchen’s layout, this fridge can fit easily. The noise level is also minimal; it can be used for open door kitchens too. The model won’t take much of the space.

Cookology UCFF87 47cm Freestanding Undercounter Small Fridge Freezer with 2 Doors, 87 Litre, Adjustable Temperature Control, LED Light and a 4 Star Freezer Rating - in Silver
2,195 Reviews
Cookology UCFF87 47cm Freestanding Undercounter Small Fridge Freezer with 2 Doors, 87 Litre, Adjustable Temperature Control, LED Light and a 4 Star Freezer Rating - in Silver
  • This Cookology two door Fridge Freezer fits perfectly underneath your work top in the Kitchen. As...
  • Packing many features such as, a adjustable temperature control, 2 removable glass shelves, a...
  • Small but with a very useful combined capacity of 87 litres of Storage, consisting of a separate 26...

Key features

  • Dimensions: Width: 470mm, Depth: 505mm, Height: 850mm
  • It has a 26L icebox in the freezer and 61 liters in the fridge.
  • It has one glass shelf in the fridge and a half glass shelf over the salad crisper.
  • It does provide an ice-scraper.
  • It can maintain a temperature of -18 degrees. That’s why it is rated as four stars.
  • Reversible doors allow you to fit the fridge freezer only in any kitchen layout.
  • It has its entrance you can get ice cube trays
  • The noise level is optimal 42dB to keep this fridge in the open kitchen or any guest room.
  • The model uses 168kwH on average per year, to allow in the minimum level of electrical bills.
  • It has an A+ energy efficiency
  • It is too small
  • It is a single person fridge
  • Ice stacks might form around the refrigerator.

8. Indesit IBD5517S 50/50 Fridge Freezer

It is a large size fridge with plenty of rooms in the freezer as well as the refrigerator. It is a freestanding static fridge. It is a 50\50 split refrigerator.

We are providing equal space to the fridge as well as the freezer.

Indesit 50/50 Fridge Freezer - Silver
97 Reviews
Indesit 50/50 Fridge Freezer - Silver
  • 235 litre capacity
  • A+ energy rating
  • Manual defrost needed

Key features

  • Dimensions (mm): H1740 x W545 x D580
  • 3 Fridge shelves, two fruit and veg drawers, four freezer drawers
  • 234L capacity use, 150L fridge and 84L in freezer
  • A+ energy sufficient
  • Manual defrosting
  • Fiberglass shelves
  • Reversible doors, you can locate them according to your layout
  • Good design with quality finishing
  • It consumes less energy, so that equals to low utility bill
  • Item weight is net 58 kg so easily movable
  • Value for money
  • Hinge free doors
  • Door orientation is irreversible.
  • It is a large size fridge, so might take your space in the kitchen
  • Manual defrost
  • It has a noise level

9. Cookology UCF 87 47cm Freestanding Under Counter Fridge Freezer

This Cookology product is a two-door Fridge Freezer that fits underneath your worktop in the kitchen. This appliance is a reliable, hassle-free to use, and smart-looking Fridge Freezer that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The noise level of this Cookology Fridge Freezer uses just 42dB. This fridge freezer is a gentle whisper in your house. It will create no disturbances and will give your kitchen an ultra-chic look.

It is a double door fridge with adjustable feet and manual frosting. It has mechanical temperature control. You get a credible, modest to use and smart looking Fridge Freezer at an incredibly affordable payment. The noise level is also maximum. It has a 4-star rating.

Cookology UCFF87 47cm Freestanding Undercounter Small Fridge Freezer with 2 Doors, 87 Litre, Adjustable Temperature Control, LED Light and a 3 Star Freezer Rating - in Black
2,195 Reviews
Cookology UCFF87 47cm Freestanding Undercounter Small Fridge Freezer with 2 Doors, 87 Litre, Adjustable Temperature Control, LED Light and a 3 Star Freezer Rating - in Black
  • This is a two door Fridge Freezer that fits underneath your work top in the kitchen. As you'd expect...
  • The Fridge features one full glass shelf and one half glass shelf over the salad/vegetable drawer as...
  • The noise level of just 42dB means this fridge freezer is literally whisper quiet so you can use it...

Key features

  • Dimensions: Width: 470mm, Depth: 505mm, Height: 850mm
  • 26 liters icebox and 61 liters in the fridge
  • adjustable feet
  • Reversible doors
  • Manual defrost
  • 168 kWh/annum energy consumption
  • 42 dB noise level
  • The Fridge shows one full glass shelf and one half glass shelf over the salad drawer and storage space in the door.
  • Egg trays and water bottle storage
  • A+ energy rating.
  • Consumes less energy, so efficient utility bills
  • Door orientation is reversible; you can locate the door anywhere you want.
  • Value for money
  • It is minimal
  • Manual defrosting

10. Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B Under Counter Fridge Freezer

It has a sleek black design. It is freestanding and has a 90L capacity split. It has a good finishing with chrome handles that craters wine and beverages. Reversible doors, and it comes with an egg rack and bottle storage. This Russel Hobbs Fridge Freezer has a separate built freezer compartment and rack in the door. This makes finding things more comfortable and much more convenient.

This model comes with a backup power of 18 hours. This ensures that your food doesn’t get spoilt, and you get the power back without facing tonnes of food wastage.

This is a very efficient energy-saving model and can drastically reduce your electricity bill. It also works to reduce the carbon footprint. This model will keep your food fresh and frozen. It’s a perfect investment for your home that you should get today.

Key features

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 84.5 x 49.5 x 52
  • 65 Litre Fridge and 25 Litre Freezer capacity
  • Adjustable feet
  • Reversible doors
  • Chrome handles for opening and closing
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Reversible doors you can easily fit it in the layout of your kitchen
  • Good thermostat
  • Energy rating A+
  • Value for money
  • Good holding capacity
  • Easily movable lightweight
  • Very small

Things to Consider Before Buying the Fridge Freezer

Refrigerator buying is a massive investment not only because of the money but also for the appliance. Your food longevity depends on the fridge freezer you use. You will encounter hell a lot of refrigerators.

1. An Appropriate Size of a Refrigerator

A large refrigerator requires heavy energy consumption. Energy-efficient models are of 16-20 cubicles. When you invest money for a fridge, keep an eye on the layout of your kitchen. You can look for adjustable feet and reversible doors. Make sure that the freezer is A+ energy rated. Recycle your existing refrigerator. The refrigerator comes with a lot of size and compartments you need to focus on your needs.

2. Glance at the Energy Rate

The energy rating is a simple method for saving energy and saving money. You can save money from your utility bills. The recent improvements in insulation and compressors in today’s refrigerators use much less energy than older models. Save more than half of your cash from the hefty electricity bills. A+ energy efficiency enables in less consumption of electricity bills.

3. Look for Top-notch Freezers

Freezers allow the food from not stalking or rotting. A refrigerator that has earned the energy star uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb.

Refrigerators are sold in various configurations, including top freezer, bottom freezer, and side-by-side. A top-mounted freezer will help the freezing capacity and storing. The freezer sets itself at 0 degrees, which allows the food to stay fresh for numerous days.

4. Look for Compressor Warranty

The price you will pay in case your fridge breaks down for reasons unknown will depend on Compressor efficiency. A 2 years warranty will be enough to satisfy. Security is essential because there are chances of breaking down multiple parts or faults and malfunctions in a given product. A compressor causes colossal money, so the warranty is necessary.

5. Price

Always consider the best brands with good compressor warranty and power saving/energy rating efficiency. Because buying a fridge is a massive investment, you must look at your pocket before making any decision. A budget-friendly and environment-friendly fridge won’t cause a hole in your pocket.

6. Frost Free

If you haven’t used a freezer in a long time, there is a high chance that your freezer and the column below the freezer which is supposed to keep cheese, milk, etc

The frost-free fridge is required because this will help the ice stack stick to the freezer and cause labor and material to take out the stuck ice.

7. Door Orientation

Reversible doors will be right for any layout.

It will be easy for you to locate the compartment the way you want. Reversible doors help you to buy even a large fridge that will acquire just a small space.

8. Do Look for Brands Customer Care Service

The electrical appliance might erupt some faults, so it would be better to check customer care service availability. They should attain your queries at one call and provide service at your doorstep.

9. Storage Compartments

Now the shelves and balconies in a refrigerator are of a great deal. Look for the storage compartment and the distance between the freezer and fridge.

10. For Your Space

You can’t buy an excessively large fridge because that will seize your space. You can’t even go for a small fridge because that will not be satisfactory for you to store food.

Hence while buying a fridge, research about all the requirements. You must establish a reasonable budget and needs. Space is another important factor you can’t ignore. Consider the points mentioned above and get the best Fridge freezer for your home today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fridge Freezer

1. How Cold Should I Set My Refrigerator?

Many refrigerators have the cooling element on the back, allowing them to be colder on the end and minimum cold on the frontal face.

Air circulation fans also cause the temperature to vary. Set your fridge in 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit; this temperature will never cause food spoilage.

2. Does Your Refrigerator Need Annual Maintenance?

Yes, you need to see the manual before buying and also contact your manager at year-end for regular checking. Customer care service must be available at your doorstep. Look for the manual that comes when you buy the fridge. Annual maintenance is required for electronic appliances.

3. Can You Change the Direction of the Opening of Your Door?

Many refrigerators offer the option to hinge the door on either the right or left side. Before you invest, check if the entry must be ordered for right or left hinge or if the unit is reversible. Reversible doors help you to locate the exits and compartment. Chrome wire looks finesse for the beverage shelves.

4. Can You Extend Your Warranty Period?

Yes, you can buy an extra year of warranty, it is highly recommended. This could also save you the cost of repairs over the long term. You can buy for almost five years of warranty. A warranty is like assurance that you can fix it with your significant source help no matter how badly the device has been.

5. Can You Get Automatic to Defrost?

Well, many fridges do provide manual defrosting; that is, you have to do the frosting manually after every ice build-up. Automatic defrost is available for a few of the fridge where the ice stacks are removed automatically. Defrosting once in a while is an essential element because this will take out all the dirt from your fridge.

6. What is the Difference Between a Beverage and a Regular Refrigerator?

A beverage refrigerator allows you to keep chilled beverages like cold drinks and wines. While in the regular fridge, you can save both food items and beverages. The standard refrigerator allows you to store a minimum of six and a maximum of 14 shopping bags. Beverage fridge helps you to keep your mind at ease and chilled. If you love having drinks regularly, this is the right choice for you.

7. Your Refrigerator Makes Noise, is It Normal?

Answer: well, yes, it is normal for the fridge to make noises. An average decibel amount of noise can be heard in almost every refrigerator. This is common hence nothing to worry about. Make sure that you see the noise range before buying. The optimal noise range will sound as if someone’s whispering, and it won’t even bother your ears. In the case of significant noises, the company will always solve your issues and give you the best service.

8. How Do I Clean the Inside of My Refrigerator?

You can do the cleaning once in a month with some water and non-harmful phenyl or detergent. You can even simply wash it with soap. Care makes your refrigerator shine more and increases longevity. Always schedule a day in the month to clean your refrigerator thoroughly. Use a warm washcloth and scrub away the grim remnants of food. Throw away the spoilt food and maintain your fresh fridge properly.

9. What if the Water is Leaking From Your Fridge?

Don’t panic; you can clear the water pan once in a week. The compressor allows the water to flow out, but you can just easily carry the lightweight water pocket and throw it on the basin. You can also contact the company in case of a massive issue, and they will always be happy to help.

10. There is an Odor in Your Fridge?

You have to look for the rotten foods and clean the fridge once in a while. You can always use refrigerator fresheners to stay away from the odor.


So we have mentioned the best brands that are readily available at an affordable range. This article will help you to buy the best one according to your taste. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for such an everyday gadget.

Look for every minute detail before investing all your hard-earned money. Make sure you check the refund policy to ensure that you can opt for returning if your product is not up to the mark. You should get the most out of your value of money.

On another note, always prefer the fridge that will cost less and consume less energy so that they don’t hamper your electricity bills. Buy the best one out there and flaunt your home with the gorgeous appliances.

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