What to Do If a Large Appliance Breaks Down During a Pandemic

For most people, a large appliance like a washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer breaking down can be quite the nightmare. Most homes rely on these appliances in order to run and being without them can cause some serious disruption to your family routine. And replacing these essential appliances does not always come cheap, and costs money that many people simply won’t have available to spend, especially during a pandemic that has had a huge impact on our finances. The good news is that you don’t have to go without your appliance as you may be able to get it repaired or replaced – or find a way to get a new one without cutting into your bills budget for the month.

Check the Warranty

Many appliances come with a warranty that lasts for several years if you purchased it brand new. Before replacing your appliance, it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty from the retailer if you purchased one at the time. If your appliance is still under warranty then you will usually be able to get it professionally repaired or have it replaced like-for-like free of charge if it is beyond repair. This can usually be done quickly so that you don’t have to be without your essential appliance for longer than necessary.

Check Your Home Contents Insurance

Even if your appliance is no longer under warranty, you might still be in luck if your home contents insurance covers appliance breakdowns. Some home contents insurance policies go much further than simply covering you in the event of having your belongings stolen and will ensure that you are financially protected should any of your essential yet expensive household appliances break down. Whether you have contents insurance as a homeowner or a tenant, it’s worth getting in touch with your insurance company to check if appliance cover is included in your policy. If it is, then you should be able to claim to get repairs or a replacement.

Consider a Short-Term Loan

If you’re not covered by a warranty or insurance then you’re going to have to reach into your own pocket to replace your appliance. But for many people, emergency funds have been depleted this year thanks to the COVID-19 crisis that has seriously taken a toll on our finances. To spread the cost of getting your new appliance and make it more manageable, you may want to consider getting a short-term loan. New Horizons can help you find the best loan products for you by searching a panel of reputable lenders, including lenders who offer borrowing options for bad credit. Find the right loan for you at newhorizons.co.uk.

Consider Buy Now Pay Later

Another option that you can take advantage of to spread the cost of purchasing a new replacement appliance is a buy now, pay later scheme that is offered by most of the UK’s major retailers. These schemes allow you to get your new appliance as quickly as possible without the need to pay anything upfront, and you will typically be able to enjoy interest-free payments as long as the whole balance is paid in full during a specific timeframe which is usually three or six months, although you can sometimes get longer offers.

Purchase Second-Hand

If you’re in a financial tight spot and need to replace your appliance as quickly as possible without borrowing and at the cheapest price, looking for second-hand options is always a good idea. Every day people get rid of their old appliances for reasons like changing their kitchen design or moving house – and this means that you can often snap up some bargains on appliances that work perfectly but at a fraction of the retail price. Take a look at sites like Facebook Marketplace, Schpock and Gumtree, or speak to your friends and family to see if they have anything suitable to sell.

Pay for Repairs

Finally, if you suspect that your appliance might not be completely broken and simply needs a professional to take a look and carry out some repairs, this is likely to be a much cheaper job compared to purchasing an entirely new one. Call some tradespeople in your area and ask your friends and family for recommendations of anybody that they know who can do the job at a reasonable price. Describe the issue that you are having over the phone first as most experienced engineers will know whether or not it’s fixable or whether you’re best investing in a replacement. Do some research and get a range of quotes to help you find somebody who can do the best job for you at the best price.

Having an essential home appliance break down can be a huge inconvenience, especially during a pandemic where your money situation might not be what it usually is. Keep these tips in mind to reduce the cost or make it easier to manage.

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