How to Find the Right Mattress for Healthy Sleep

We spend an enormous amount of time sleeping. If you’re an adult getting the right amount of sleep, that would be in the region of 8 hours a day – which is a third of your life. Your mattress is one of the things you own that you’re going to use the most, so putting a lot of time and thought into choosing it is incredibly important. That said, however, there are a reasonable number of sales gimmicks in mattresses, so let’s have a quick look at how to choose the right mattress for healthy sleep.

In-Store or Online?

Your kneejerk reaction to this question is probably to laugh at the idea of buying a mattress online. How are you supposed to buy a mattress before you’ve even laid on it? It’s a fair point if you’re using the in-store experience properly. Spend at least 10 minutes lying on a mattress before making your choice and take some time to pay attention to your body for any aches or pains. Use the opportunity of being in-store to negotiate too – most mattress stores are flexible on pricing.

Online mattress purchasing comes with many different ways of choosing the right mattress, including comprehensive reviews and roundups of different brands and models like mentioned here. If you do the research, you might get the benefit of not being bamboozled by a salesman in-store and you can completely make your own mind up.

Online purchasing, of course, offers the added benefit of delivery, and try before you commit purchasing policies. Most mattress stores will also deliver for you at a cost.

Types of Mattresses for Your Preferences

Now comes the hard part – choosing a mattress. The first step is to identify what kind of sleeper you are. Some of the considerations in making this self-assessment are things like sleeping positions, what kind of temperature you like while sleeping, whether you and your partner have the same preferences on mattresses, allergic requirements and orthopedic considerations.

All these things would make you lean towards specific kinds of mattresses. Here are a few examples.

If you sleep on your side, your mattress preference should lean towards something with adequate bodyweight support and the ability of your mattress to conform to your body. This means you might want to look at a foam mattress with pressure relief zones focused around your hips or shoulders.

If you don’t have the same preferences as your partner, then you’ll want to look at mattresses that feature things like air pockets or dual chambers. Some companies might even offer the ability to customize a mattress with two different sides.

If you’re prone to getting very hot while you’re sleeping, you might want to look away from foam or latex mattresses and opt instead for innerspring options. Several options for the top of the mattress might also help, like toppers or sheets that are specifically designed for hot sleepers.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Mattress?

Probably one of the easiest questions to answer is how long your mattress should last. Mattresses, if well looked after and maintained according to specification, should last you at least 5 years, and probably closer to 10 years. Look out for things like a lumpy mattress or waking up with pain in parts of your body. If you’re sleeping better in other beds, you should also look towards replacing your mattress.

Better sleep means better productivity and a better life. By buying a mattress using the above techniques, you are taking a step closer towards healthier sleep. Don’t lie around and put it off. Get yourself the right mattress!

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