Football betting is a favourite activity for many, but how do you know which teams to bet on? We looked at all 20 clubs in the English Premier League this season and picked out ten for you to keep an eye on.

Find the list below, but pay attention to our football betting tips before you get started!

Tips For Football Betting

Knowing which teams to bet on doesn’t matter if you’re not following these steps to win more often and lose less money:

  • Join reliable betting websites – Whether you pick non UK sports betting sites or those located in the UK, the most important factor is that they’re reliable and trustworthy.
  • Compare odds from providers – Look around and compare the odds before placing a football bet to be sure you get the most money possible from a winning wager.
  • Set betting limits – Put a limit on how much money you’ll bet and how often you’ll place football bets. This stops you from going too crazy and spending way too much money.

10 Best Premier League Teams For Football Betting


Arsenal are currently top of the table and is a great team to bet on if you want to pick a winner. They’ve lost 4 times this season – which isn’t the least amount of losses – yet they’re in fantastic form. The team has won 8 games in a row as of yet, so they’re always worth a punt.

Our one caveat is this: they don’t do too well against other good teams, but they’re a good bet against teams they should win!

Manchester City

Speaking of good teams, you can’t go wrong with a bet for Manchester City. FootyStats shows they are completely undefeated at home this season, so betting on them to avoid defeat in any home match is almost guaranteed to bring in a victorious bet.

They’re a good bet for over 2.0 xG per match as well. For those that don’t know, xG stands for “expected goals” and is a relatively new term to football betting. You can bet on how many goals a team was expected to score based on the chances created, rather than how many they did score. City averages an xG of 2.17, so this is a good bet to make.


Fans of all sports must appreciate the fluidity and attacking flair displayed by Liverpool. Like Manchester City, they’re worth betting on for home wins. They’re yet to lose at Anfield this season and have scored 38 goals in 14 games. This means you can be fairly confident betting on them to score at least two goals in any home game.

Here’s another crazy stat to help with your bets: Liverpool have scored in EVERY away game this season. They might not win them all, but betting on them to score at least once away from home is a given.


Spurs sit fifth in the league and have hardly been the most impressive team this season. That’s okay; you’re not betting on them to win, you’re betting on the goals scored per game.

Tottenham are a great team to bet on as almost every game involves both teams scoring. Sticking a cheeky “yes” bet on BTTS will almost always yield results. Alternatively, just TWO of the last TWENTY matches involving Spurs have chalked up less than 3 goals. An over 2.0 goal in a game looks like a sure bet.

Manchester United

Again, Manchester United is a good team to bet on because they score goals and concede them! Looking at their latest results 8 of the last 10 Premier League matches have ended with both teams scoring.

Also, United are prone to being upset by weaker teams. If you fancy a punt against the favourites to win a match, this is the team to try it on.

Sheffield United

Down the other end of the table, we have Sheffield United. They’re rock bottom with only three wins so far, meaning you may as well bet against them in every match. You won’t get great odds of them losing a match, but you will slowly win your bets and generate a profit.

Their form is staggeringly bad and they concede around 2.64 goals per match. This opens the door to bet on them conceding at least two per game and you’ll probably win.


Similarly, Burnley is equally terrible at winning matches so it’s always worth betting against them, regardless of who they’re playing. Another interesting standout for Burnley is that the team can score goals. They usually score at least once per game and each match has an average of 3.17 goals.

With that in mind, they’re one of the best teams to bet on for over 2.0 or 2.5 goals in a match, especially when they’re at home as they like to score at least one.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United aren’t setting the world on fire this season as they struggle to cope with European commitments alongside a Premier League campaign. Nonetheless, they’re a top team for football betting due to the sheer number of goals shipped in every game.

Since Boxing Day 2023, every Newcastle game bar one has had 4 or more goals in it – and that outlier had 3. So, betting on over 3.0 goals in the next Newcastle match looks like one of the best ideas out there.

Aston Villa

We found some cool stats about Aston Villa that are great for placing successful bets:

  • 72% of matches had over 2.5 goals this season
  • 71% of home matches had both teams scoring
  • Aston Villa have had the third-highest number of corners all season

This gives you three great betting markets to look at with a reasonable chance of success. We’ve spoken about the over/under and BTTS markets already, but corners are a new one. Bet on Villa to have a good few corners in their next game and it could generate favourable odds.


Lastly, we have Brentford – and they’re not here for a good reason. They have lost the most amount of away games this season (11) giving them one of the poorest away win percentages in the league.

In other words, if you see Brentford playing away against anyone other than Burnley or Sheffield United, bet on them to lose.

Summary: Bet On These Teams For More Success

We should close this article by reminding you that gambling is a risk and there’s never a 100% guarantee of your football bets winning. If you’d like to place a cheeky wager on the next round of Premier League games, these are the teams and markets to focus on.

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