Tips on how to find HVAC Professionals in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, the heat is no joke. With the high concentration of people in the city and poor wind flow, it feels much warmer than the surrounding rural areas. This explains the need for working air conditioning units in your place. These machines, however, break down many times and many different ways. Some of these problems include refrigerant leaks, frozen coils, failure in the electrical controls, sponsor, and drainage problems. Let’s go through some of these common problems and share some tips on finding the right HVAC repair for you.

Refrigerant Specifications

Installing a central air conditioner correctly is crucial. Before you even buy any air conditioner, you should look at its manufacturer’s specifications to match the air conditioning system’s refrigerant. If not, this may cause poor airflow, and the ducts will begin to leak. You should clearly understand the appropriate charging of refrigerant for your air conditioning system’s best efficiency and performance.

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Compressor Failures

A common failure is when compressors of central air conditioners overheat and then stop functioning. First, check to see if your home’s circuits or fuses are right. If correct, let the overheated system cool down for five minutes or more before resetting the circuit breakers. Some panels of the air conditioner’s compressor have a reset switch for this very issue.

Some issues after troubleshooting, however, do not correct themselves. At this point, you should call in a professional. Self-repairs could be costly if done incorrectly. So how do you find Philadelphia’s finest? Let’s go through some easy tips to narrow down your options.

Make a list and check it once.

Search some of the nearest companies in your area for HVAC repair services. Next, call and/or visit the websites of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Philadelphia’s board of contractors, and/or Pennsylvania’s builders’ association. Check the companies’ reputations and cross out any who have too many complaints on their record. You may also check with Phildaphia’s Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Consumer Affairs. This will get rid of some of the hassle and mess of dealing with avoidable problems.

Do you understand their understanding

Good contractors should clearly explain the problem without flooding you with technical jargon and information overload. You need someone knowledgeable and honest about it, not an actor. When they can see things from a big picture standpoint, your problem will be fixed efficiently and correctly the first time.

Expect an inspection

Technicians need to physically see your system and the work that will be needed in order to give you an accurate estimate or quote. You should be a little skeptical of contractors that give you one over the phone without prior inspection. This limits unforeseen expenses and cheap fixes. If they are willing to take the time out to inspect your home, then you know they care about doing the job right.

Know what to look for

Your contractor may require a certification or license to practice in Pennsylvania. Check with your potential contractors to verify before they begin work. Manufactured Housing Installers need certification. Home Improvement Contractors need registration with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Technicians are required to apply for local certifications to perform certain jobs. Do your homework and make sure before letting them into your home.

One-stop shop

Professionalism is a key factor found in reliable contractors. They should be on time and courteous towards you. If they treat you wrong when there isn’t a problem, how can you could on them once there is? Reliable contractors also should have their own shop or office facility. This shows that they aren’t planning on going anywhere any time soon. They shouldn’t be ashamed if you want to pay them a visit, but hopefully, you wouldn’t have to.

How low CAN’T you go?

We all like to save money and find the best deals. Some HVAC companies even have seasonal deals or more throughout the year. However, you should be wary of service calls that are advertised way cheaper than the others. This includes the FREE options too. Those contractors or technicians may be cutting corners, not doing what your manufacturer requires, or burying the charges in other replacement and repair fees. Find someone with a reasonable price that will do the job right.

What do they bring to the table?

Ahead of time, you should gather their information and guarantees. Confirm the contractor has enough staff for the installation and answer service calls promptly. See what warranties and follow-ups they offer. Check to see what is included and excluded from their warranty. Finally, ask for a maintenance service agreement to see what is covered under the costs. All of these things should be documented in some way.

Their payment plan

Be sure to know when they want to be paid for their work. Some people pay at specific stages of completed work or once it is fully completed. This is ideal. Be wary of contractors that push for advance payment that is part or all of the total price. Be careful with contractors that need the advanced payment to purchase equipment for the job. It is up to your judgment whether you give a good faith deposit for your requested custom job.

Are they prepared?

Even if you do all of these steps and fine Philadephia’s finest contractor, there may still be unexpected problems. Check with your contractor if they have the appropriate liability licenses for their incorporation status. If they do, they should be able to give you a copy of their insurance certificate. Better safe than sorry, right?

These are just some of the ways you can find the best contractor to install, repair, or replace your air conditioning unit. The more you know, the more safe and comfortable you will feel about the whole process. Stay cool through these hot summer months.

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