Deep cleans are often called spring cleans when it comes to house cleaning services. But if you think that this cleaning service should only be reserved for spring, then you are sorely missing out on all the awesome ways a deep clean can help your home. There are so many ways of using a deep clean to your advantage.

In fact, we are only going to scratch the surface of what deep cleans can be used for and the situations they are perfect for in this article. Still, we hope this deep cleaning article gives you an insight into when to use this amazing cleaning service. And if you are not already using deep cleaning services in your home, you will likely book an appointment after reading this!

When to use deep cleaning services

Before your baby arrives home

A deep clean can really help you prepare for when your baby arrives home. As you know, everything needs to be incredibly clean for when the baby arrives, so now’s the perfect time to take advantage of this cleaning service.

Just make sure to make the cleaning company aware and try and find a cleaning company that will use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the whole deep clean. This ensures that when your baby arrives home, everything is clean and safe for them.

A deep clean just before a baby arrives also means that you can focus on the baby and not feel guilty about not cleaning while facing a few months of sleepless nights!

Before or after a party

When I first heard about using deep cleans before and after parties, I was so excited. This idea never occurred to me, but what an easy and stress-free way of throwing a party!

Preparing everything for a party is already extremely stressful. You must buy the food, you must cook the food, and you have to make sure none of the food mixes in case someone’s diet has changed. You then must buy the drinks and learn how each bottle of wine should be chilled, not chilled, opened at exactly 5.04 pm or opened just before serving. It is a lot! And I have not even mentioned the cleaning!

Well, that is because you can have a team of cleaners come to your home and clean it for you. Now all you need to do is focus on the food, drink, décor and making sure everyone is happy! Throwing a party is easy now, right?

After your successful party, you will be feeling on top of the world. Everyone will have been commenting on how clean the house was all night, and that error when opening the wine too soon will be a distant memory. As you walk downstairs the next day, though, the sudden realisation of needing to clean up hits you, and suddenly that headache you had gets a bit worse.

But then, a knock on the door. The cleaning team has arrived to clean up the mess from the night before. You let them in and head back to bed. When the hangover, I mean headache, has cleared, you come down to enjoy the last few bits of the buffet from the fridge. The cleaning team has gone, and so is all of the evidence from the party, including the stain from that wine you opened too early!

I think we can all agree there is no better time to enjoy a deep cleaning service than before and after a party!

After building work in your home

If you’ve ever had building work done in your home, or if you’re quite the DIYer, you’ll know that brick dust can get absolutely everywhere. However, you can use a deep clean service to get rid of all the brick dust.

If you let the cleaning company know that you’ve just had building work, a good quality one will be able to provide specialist cleaning equipment that will collect the brick dust and filter the air in your home to draw all of the particles out.

This deep cleaning service really adds the finishing touch to building work and helps your house feel like your home again afterwards.

When selling your property

Having your property deep cleaned is the best first impression for potential buyers. A property that is up for sale should feel like a blank canvas. It should invite people to imagine what they would do with each space. And so deep cleaning is ideal here.

You can have the carpets shampooed, so they are looking great. And have a complete cleaning of every inch of the home. So, while potential buyers are exploring, they can really get a sense of what it would be like to live there and the changes they would make.

After an injury or hospital stay

If you have been unable to clean for a while due to an injury or sickness, a deep clean can really help you get back on your feet. My dad had a deep clean after he broke his leg, and it really transformed his home and him. While there is a massive sense of needing to be independent after something like that, you still need help. And a deep clean is a great way of getting some help making your home feel lovely again.

No matter the reason you need a deep clean, we are not here to judge or anything like that. Sometimes you need a deep clean because you have been too busy working to clean, or times you need a deep clean because the party was too good! Just make sure you pick the best cleaning company you can find, and your deep cleaning will be perfect for your needs.

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths, brings over 15 years of experience in eco-friendly and sustainable practices. She has been a passionate advocate for sustainable living since her early career. With a degree of MSc in Environmental Policy and Management, she has contributed to significant research in renewable energy solutions. She has also worked with various NGOs and environmental startups. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is an avid gardener and enjoys exploring the British countryside.

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