Refrigerators have improved a lot in the past couple of years and all the features we now have in it make it a must-have in every kitchen.

The overall cost of the refrigerator has also certainly decreased a lot over the last few years, making it more affordable for you to invest in. There are a few things you must consider when choosing a refrigerator such as features like water and ice dispenser which will really make the refrigerator more convenient in day to day use. Let us learn more about the water and ice dispenser feature.

The water and ice dispenser in refrigerators are an interesting feature, especially in the summer days when you quickly need a cold glass of water without much hassle. It lets you enjoy clean drinking water quickly and easily giving you a refreshment on a busy day. The water dispenser in the fridge is really convenient and one of the most important features is that it gives you filtered water.

It eliminates all the contaminants such as lime, lead which might exist in your tap water.Additionally, some water dispenser also comes with an ice dispenser which dispenses ice cubes whenever you need. Although this feature comes in the premium refrigerators it’s worth the investment.

The most important feature in the fridge gets overlooked during cleaning the kitchen or the fridge. Over a long period of use, the Hot water dispenser in your fridge will become dirty and then stop providing you with the clean drinking water. Most of us think this as a difficult task and leave them unclean.

However, it is true in some cases and cleaning a water dispenser requires you to do some hard work but it’s important so you can have clean and bacteria-free water. Cleaning a non-plumbed water dispenser is a lot easier but you can also clean the plumbed water dispenser which comes in the Samsung American fridge freezer by following the right method.

If you were looking for the right method to clean your water dispenser in the Samsung fridge then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will help you to clean your water dispenser quickly and in an easy way. We have included a step by step guide to follow the post till the end to learn more about it.

Why should you clean the water dispenser?

Any appliance which gets in the touch of water should be cleaned after a while. You may have noticed a water bottle starts developing some substances at the bottom and also the colour of bottle changes. So, you decide to clean the water bottles once a month and you should do the same thing with water dispensers too.

In case you have a hard water supply in your area then it can also gradually build up calcium inside the water dispenser and might cause the water to flow slowly and it will also affect the cooling functionality.

Cleaning it will ensure that you get clean drinking water and the dispenser is bacteria-free. Along with the water dispenser, you should also clean the filter which is attached to it. These are replaceable and you can easily buy a new one from the market and replace the original one.

How often should you clean the water dispenser?

Cleaning the water dispenser mostly depends on how often you use the feature. If you use it regularly to have a glass of cold water or ice cubes in your drink then you might have to clean it more frequently. In case you are not using water, filter attached to your fridge water supply then you have cleaned it more often. Ideally cleaning the water dispenser once in two months will be good to keep it clean and you can clean the water filter quarterly.

Cleaning the Exterior

You can start by cleaning the exterior first, just use a clean piece of cloth and gently wipe the digital panel and the other components. You can also clean the surface of the door including handles and the cabinets are made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. Make sure not to use any substances like thinner, bleach or benzene while cleaning the surface as it might damage the exterior and cause a fire. Now let’s see how you can clean the water dispenser from the inside.

Cleaning the Interior

Let’s start cleaning the water dispenser from the inside, we can simply flush the water cooling system with distilled vinegar which will dissolve most of the calcium build up inside and disinfect it but first, we have to disconnect all the power supply and disconnecting the pipe which is attached to the water tank. You can do it by unscrewing it and then sliding the pipe out.

Once you have removed all the power supply and the tube, use a small funnel and simply pour three to four cups of distilled vinegar inside the tube. The vinegar will flow from the tube and moves into the water reservoir. Make sure to hold the tube upright so all the vinegar goes in.

In case your water dispenser also has the ice dispenser functionality then turn the feature on so the vinegar will also go through it and clean the system. Now the next step would be to flush the vinegar out from the system. You can achieve this by keeping the tap open until all of the vinegar comes out. You can use the same vinegar to clean the opening of the tap using a small brush.

Now that you have done the above steps, we have to clean all the vinegar which is left inside the water dispenser. Let’s reconnect the water supply to the tank by sliding in the pipe and screwing it again. Now start the function and dispenser at least 10 to 12 glasses of water out until there is no smell of trace of vinegar left. Do the same for the ice dispenser and you can ensure this by tasting the water which comes out.


Although there is a lot of different cleaning substance available in the market, we found this to be a more convenient one. Most of us already have it lying in their kitchen and use it to clean the water dispenser whenever we need.

If you face any issue regarding the steps, we have mentioned then feel free to drop a comment so we can help you out.

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